Tales from the Crypt Audio Dramas (2000)

From 1997-2001, The Sci-Fi Channel had an online subsidiary called The Seeing Ear Theatre. The Seeing Ear Theatre was a drama/re-enactment troupe that recorded audio dramas like those popular in the 1930's, 1940's, and 1950's. The audio dramas were then released on SciFi.com for free via RealAudio files as well as on Audible.com.

In 2000, The Seeing Ear Theatre announced they were recording thirteen Tales from the Crypt audio dramas. Most of the producers from the television series returned along with John Kassir, the voice of The Cryptkeeper.

Eight shows were created (out of the thirteen announced) and seven of them were released on audio CD (for some reason "This Trick'll Kill You" was not released). In 2007, SciFi.com removed all references to The Seeing Ear Theatre and their recordings were removed from Audible. Luckily for us, fans still had the recordings saved and they are made available freely online.

The biggest difference in the audio series in comparison to the TV show is that now Danny Elfman's iconic theme has lyrics sung by The Cryptkeeper:
Welcome fiends to creepy scenes of eeriness and gore
Unearthly moans from rattling bones behind each creaking door
It's more than boo that'll frighten you; I long to hear your cries
You won't survive the tale that I've so ghoulishly devised
Dark and haunted, these undaunted Tales from the Crypt!
I've decided to check out this audio series and will update this post as I review each episode.

Episode 1: Island of Death
Episode 2: A Little Stranger
Episode 3: This Trick'll Kill You
Episode 4: Tight Grip
Episode 5: Zombie!
Episode 6: Fare Tonight, Followed By Increasing Clottiness
Episode 7: Carrion Death
Episode 8: By the Fright of the Silvery Moon

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