Some Changes in the Format

Last week, I posted a blog entitled Scream on VHS. It was a chronological look at the first Scream film as released on VHS. I was researching this for my own self-interest, but I decided to post it to save others the headache of trying to find this information. I didn't expect to have so much fun researching and writing this particular post, but I did. It was great taking a look at some of the lesser talked about horror history, so I've decided to do a little more of it.

Since the launch of this site back in September of last year, I've posted my simple, no spoiler reviews a few times a month and nothing else. I've decided I want that to change. My reviews will remain being posted each month, but I also plan on posting a variety of different horror themed posts that focus on the lesser discussed/lesser known horror properties/movies/merchandise. The first wave to these posts will be discussing the home video release schedule of the entire Scream franchise and will evolve from there.

I'm also doing some visual upgrades throughout the site, you may have noticed the recent reviews listing on the sidebar. I decide to utilize images from the posters/DVDs to give it more of that video store feel. I know I associate a lot of my horror with the VHS/DVD boxes and wanted to give the site a little bit of that vibe.

But that's not all! In the very near future, I plan on launching the pilot episode of 90's Horror Review podcast. This podcast is currently planned as a single person podcast that will act as a companion piece to this blog. I plan on doing an episode to accompany each review that will recap the written review, along with expanding on my thoughts regarding the film. I'm planning these to be short 10-20 minute episodes, which the occasional longer franchise overview podcasts as well. When I dig into a franchise or a favorite movie, I hope to invite some of my friends who podcast to join in and help break down the film.

I mentioned that this is a pilot episode and I say this with complete honesty. I want to create a pilot that will give me some time to experiment and test out my rusty podcast editing techniques and see how much time and effort will need to go into this endeavor. I don't have much experience podcasting alone, so this may not work, and I'm okay with that. I just want to give it a try and see where things go from there. The blog is my priority, the podcast is an afterthought for the time being.

I hope you enjoy the new content coming your way.

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