Not the 90’s Reviews

Here at the 90’s Horror Review, I’ve defined the 90’s as being anything between 1990 and 2003. I don’t plan on reviewing much outside of this time frame, but will make some exceptions. For example, I plan on covering the Scream franchise, which was mostly released in the 90’s, with exception of Scream 4 which came out in 2011. I feel like a review of Scream 4 will serve as a reflection for the 90’s movies, thus making it important to complete.

I also plan on taking a look at some of the 90’s horror films that have been remade and comparing them to their original films. Look for an IT review to come in the near future.

But I’m not all about 90’s horror. In fact, I love horror (and non-horror) movies from any decade. When it comes to horror, I watch a ton of 80’s films as well as current releases. While working on this site, I’ve found myself wanting to review some of these films as well in addition to my normal 90’s reviews. I’ve decided to make a category for those reviews called Not the 90’s. These reviews won’t be weekly like my regular 90’s reviews, but will come every once in a while or during special seasons, such as now as Halloween approaches. I look at them as bonus content and think some of my readers will enjoy them.

So over the next couple of week’s leading up to Halloween, look out for a few Not the 90’s reviews of some current releases worth watching this fall.

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